Over my life I have worked on many projects in which some were easy and some were more difficult. This page is meant to showcase some projects of which I have been a part.

Note: I will come back later and update this page with pictures.

Crimson Security

Crimson Security was my senior design project in engineering school. Myself a long with 4 teammates were devoted to designing and building a hidden security camera which would automatically capture events and send emails for each event.

This project was stoked by someone stealing our professors catalytic converter. If you have never replaced a catalytic converted know that they care not cheap. There are precious metals in them which drive the cost up. In no time we had a design which used a wooden tissue box to house all the components. Our group won the competition at the university which took us to a competition in Huntsville, AL.

Lexus IS300 2JZGTE Motor Build

This was a fun project which started out as a headache. My 23 year old self though it would be fun to fly to south Florida to buy a turbocharged 2002 Lexus IS300. The car was fun! For about 2 weeks and then the motor blew. This was caused due to using cheap eBay parts. Unfortunately I did not check the quality of parts used in the build. The main hose on the waste gate, which was connected with incorrect fittings, blew off. I learned a valuable lesson which can be summarized in one phrase: build it once, build it right.

I threw out 80% of the aftermarket parts which came on the car replacing them with a quality turbo, waste gate, and blow off valve. It was with this project that I learned patience. The result was a super fun 4 door sports car of which I have been a fan since my first car (1996 Nissan Maxima SE).

Looking back I would have been better off buying a new 2012 Subaru WRX hatch. As of this writing hatches are selling for ~$7k less than they were new 7 years later. I had fun which is one thing that we must to do live a full life.

Farmhouse Table

I built this table with the assistance of a former supervisor and my wife. My supervisor helped build the legs which required 4x4s in his wood shop. Low and behold no local hardware store carried untreated 4x4s. Once the legs were built my wife helped assemble and finish the table.
We are very happy with the result. So much that my wife requires our next house to have enough space for the table or else we are not moving.

Farmhouse Headboard

Kellie and I built this headboard after finding a killer deal in Scottsboro on 1x pine boards. This was a fun weekend project that spruces up our bedroom.


Crypto Mining Rig

This project was one of my favorites. Before your mind starts racing I must say that this project did not make me a millionaire. I almost made just enough profits to pay for the hardware. If you are thinking of mining cryptocurrency to make money go ahead and buy the crypto. Mine because you like tinkering with computers because it is not a get rich quick scheme.

This machine was basic computer with 6 Nvidia GTX 1070 GPUs, 4 GB of RAM, a $25 Intel CPU, 1kW power supply, and a wooden rack. I bought all of the GPUs about 2 weeks before they shot up in price. The machine was a heater. I ran a custom OS built by someone on a popular crypto forum. What made this easy is that the OS ran on a USB stick and once booted it started mining. All you do is set your wallet address and what you want to mine. After that the $5/day profit came rolling in.

Did I mention any mining rig is a heater? Luckily for me my current employer had electricity included in the rent so they were happy to let me run my experiments.

Home Server

After meeting one of my best friends who is very privacy conscious I myself have dedicated the past 1.5 years to reign in my privacy online. This all started with moving away from Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, and Android. All things Google are moving out. This is a bigger process than you can imagine due to the sheer amount of accounts. I still find myself entering my Gmail address when registering for new online apps. I should also mention that you MUST start using a password manager if you do not already. My go to is Bitwarden.

The server is a 4U Rosewell rack with 6x 4TB WD Red HDDs, 64GB RAM, 2 Intel CPUs, a 120GB SSD OS HDD, and a professional grade motherboard. All in all this has everything I will need for hopefully a decade.